Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Hobby, Now Spanish Internship

February 1, 2011

Since I received my new camera, I have been snapping photos of food.  It began when I traveled to New York prior to the Spain send-off.  I chronicled the food adventures, from breakfast at Sanfords to Gourmet Pizza and Apple Pie night at Laura's apartment with Michele. 

When I arrived in Spain, I was eager to explore the Spanish food world through my personal guide: my host mother, Montse.  Each day, she treats me to two or more eccentric meals -- all dishes she learned from her mother in Granada.  To discover what Spaniards eat at home has been more exciting than browsing the tapas selection at the bars.  So far I have been treated to Squid and Shrimp Paella and Spinach Tortilla, among many others.  I cannot help but take a picture of the creations and document the Spanish diet.  See my gallery for Montse's Home-Cooked Meals:  http://picasaweb.google.com/bradleywilliams39

Little did I expect my new food photography interest to become the subject of my business internship here in Sevilla.  As part of my curriculum here, I must work at a local business for a total of 100 hours for the semester.  Given the time commitment, I hoped that it would be valuable -- in terms of language practice and professional experience. 

Six days after arriving, all internship-seeking students gathered at a hotel for a Interview Forum (Foro de Entrevistas).  Students were free to approach participating companies and discuss their interest (in Spanish).  Sevillano law firms, spas, language tutors, consulting firms, and others were available.  But, upon hearing that one company specialized in Spanish Gastronomy Photography, my decision was made.  I went straight to the firm's table and demonstrated my knowledge of Spanish cuisine.  Given that the internship will involve the firm's blog as well, it helped that I had started writing this one!  The next day, I heard the great news:  I got the internship. 

The firm is called Dual Servicios Corporativos.  The man in charge is Manolo Manosalbas, a gastronomy photographer in Sevilla.  His latest book of photos and recipes of tapas, "Macuro Tapas," is generating international recognition.  Whatever the internship involves, I will be happy to talk Spanish food with true insiders.  Check out Gastroflash, the blog I will be working on for my internship: http://gastroflash.blogspot.com/

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  1. Hi, Brad! I am so glad you directed me to your blog. I spent months in Spain, especially southern Spain, in the winter/spring of 1986. And you can imagine -- it looks so much the same as what I see in your pictures! Aaaahhhh Ronda! And Granada, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Sevilla, Cordoba, y mas y mas y mas. I love your photos and descriptions. I'll keep checking back for more. Plus, I checked out your internship site by Manolo M. Very cool job for you as a foodie, writer, photographer. Tell us about this job! Thanks for blogging, Brad.