Sunday, January 23, 2011

Perdido en Paradiso

It seems that every time I walk out of my apartment, I end up lost in the maze of Sevilla's streets (El laberinto de Sevilla).  I start walking on one street, and then the street changes its name and direction.  Intending to go one way, I go in another.  Montse (my host mother) and I sat down with a map.  The breakthrough came this morning when I walked from my apartment to El Centro to tour the Alcazar with the CIEE Group.  I never took a wrong turn. 

Highlights from the weekend include:

Friday, January 21: 

Lunch with my host family included potatoes and scrambled eggs, fried pork loin, and tomatoes with olive oil.  Southern Spain has the best oranges.

After visiting the CIEE Study Center in El Centro, my group and I (with Antonio Lopez as our guide) feasted on tapas in the Barrio de Santo Cruz.  At La Gitana, Antonio's friend María ordered an array of tapas: calamares fritos (fried squid), lomo con Roquefort, ensalada de piquillos (sweet pepper salad), gambas como cigarillos (shrimp wrapped like cigarettes in a hard pastry shell), taleguitas de queso de cabra (Croquettes of Goat Cheese). 

Then, we set out for the club.  Our entire Business and Society group danced the night away at a Club near El Centro.  This was the first time for letting loose with our guides.  At about midnight, I took a taxi with Nicole and Claire.  The taxi dropped us off at Claire's apartment; I walked with Nicole to her apartment, and I proceeded get lost in Sevilla by myself for about an hour before I miraculously found Estrella and Irene (two guides), who guided me home. 

Saturday, January 22 - Lost again.  I woke up late and tried to get to Hotel Hesperia to meet the group.  But, yes I lost myself again.  But another miracle occurred and I met up with Adam.  Together we walked to El Centro to admire the Barrio de Santo Cruz and the Catedral.  We ran into my group (with Antonio Lopez leading the way) at the most famous tapas hotspot: Bodega de Santo Cruz (or "Las Columnas" to the Sevillanos).  Then, back to the apartment for lunch (pollo con patatas bravas).  I later bought my cell phone amid the chaos of "Rebajas" - the season of heavy discounts at Sevilla's malls.  Going out would not be possible; I stayed in and chatted with Montse for the night.

Sunday, January 23 to come.  For now, some more pictures:

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